“Hunter and Sengers unpack the essential elements of writing like an anatomy lesson” 
– Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist
“It was both inspirational and deeply practical. It left everyone feeling uplifted”
– Vin Ray, former editor in chief, International, BBC
“It was an eye-opener for many that you can work with a hypothesis in this way”
– Nils Hanson, editor at Uppdrag granskning, Swedish Television
“A must for anyone who wants to make the difference in journalism” – Thomas Van Hemeledonck, chief-editor current affairs Telefacts, VTM Belgium Television
“Mark Hunter is a reference for our network”
– Didier Désormeaux, pedagogy director, France Télévisions
“Luuk is one of the few people I know who can teach storytelling technique broad-based and entertaining” – Hans Scholten, Stichting Democratie en Media
“I am impressed by the Story-based Inquiry Manual” – Rosemary Armao, Center for Investigative Reporting in Bosnia and the Organized Crime and Corruption Project
“[The method] is brilliantly intelligent and useably simple. It has completely revolutionised the way I work” – Brendan Montague, Request Initiative
“I recommend this for all [...] journalists embarking on longer term investigations” – Rosie Waterhouse, Director of the MA in Investigative Journalism, City University London 

Teaching & Coaching

We design and deliver courses and training sessions for students, scholars, journalists, managers and campaigners. We provide keynotes, individual coaching and full courses of up to one semester credit.

Investigative Storytelling

Story-Based Inquiry is one of the world's leading investigative storytelling methods. It integrates the separate steps of investigative reporting into a single process, with tremendous gains in time, accuracy and confidence. Ask for a full course description.


Learn to analyse data to find original stories or support your research. Create rankings, detect trends, examples and relations and present stunning graphics. We work with the best data journalism trainers in de field. Ask for a full course description.

Investigative Interviewing

How do you get people to talk? Engaging roleplay teaches you how to break through predictable defenses and get to the real thoughts, experiences and motives. Based on the expertise of investigative reporters and detectives.
Ask for a full course description.

Non-Fiction Writing

Storytelling techniques for writers. Apply effective structures, telling details and a compelling rhythm to your long-reads. Let the story tell the facts and create unexpected value for your readers.
Ask for a full course description.

Courses calendar


We write conference reports and case studies that read like stories. And we train managers to create impactful, coherent project and strategy presentations. 

Case Studies

We work with firms and leading business schools to create case studies for internal or academic training programs. Our studies of businesses from a wide range of industries and regions have twice won the prestigious EFMD Award for case-writing. We can generate verified cases with or without company approval, using our investigative skills. Inquire

Conference Reports

We write conference reports that read like stories, widening the audience for your speakers while enriching the content. A mere transcription misses vital context and background. We find and weave them into a coherent dialogue. Recent clients include INSEAD and The Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership at Columbia Business School. Inquire

Project Presentations

We help executives compose project presentations and reports that shine with clarity and hit with meanings. Well over 1000 division and unit leaders at firms like BP Alternative Energy, Syngenta, DNV-GL and others have profited from our counsel. We are a highly cost-effective way to build the impact of your projects in meetings with gatekeepers. Inquire

Business Models

We are finishing a study on business models for serious journalism. Soon available on this website. Inquire

Our clients


We have a full course curriculum for investigative journalism available.
We also help students and academics with their theses.

Investigative Journalism Curriculum

We have a full course curriculum for investigative journalism, in partnership with Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, that is now used in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Mongolia. It bridges the gap between scholars who never investigated and investigators who never taught. It transmits essential skills and context, and builds open source assets. We adapt it to local conditions, enrich it with local scholarly contributions, and train professors to use it. Inquire

Feedback on Theses 

We have experience in assessing academic theses, especially in the field of journalism studies. Our clients include University of Amsterdam and several journalism schools. We provide professional feedback on the research, structure and text. We also coach academics and students in the process of writing their thesis. Inquire


We write manuals and handbooks that reviewers call “brilliant” and “major contributions.” Our scholarly articles and case studies are published by A journals and our stories are published in major newspapers and magazines.

World's Benchmark IJ Manual

Translated into a dozen languages and used in journalism centers and schools around the world, this handbook redefined the transmission of investigative journalism skills. In eight chapters designed by Paris graphic artist Anne Barcat, it sets out the fundamental skills and procedures for a successful inquiry. Read more and download

The Hidden Scenario

The Hidden Scenario goes beyond Story-Based Inquiry into our recent research on making and using timelines. After turning an idea into a verifiable hypothesis, we show how to turn the hypothesis into a scenario, the scenario into a research database including potential sources, and the research into scenes. Read more and buy

The Story Tells the Facts

This manual addresses storytelling techniques for writers and filmmakers, showing how a research database can be transformed into a narrative structure, as well as narrative devices that add excitement to a story without betraying the facts and their meaning. Read more and buy

Global Casebook

In this anthology, published by Unesco, twenty award-winning investigative journalists from four continents show the best of current practice, and describe in detail their research, organisation and writing methods. Instructive and inspiring for both students and teachers. Read more and download 


Our investigative stories for newspapers and magazines have won awards from leading organisations and grants from international journalism funds. Read


Our scholarly case studies and articles have been published by Harvard Business Review, Harvard Intl. Journal of Press/politics, California Management Review, Columbia Journalism Review, American Journalism, Corporate Reputation Review and others. Read

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