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“Hunter and Sengers unpack the essential elements of writing like an anatomy lesson” 
– Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist
“It was both inspirational and deeply practical. It left everyone feeling uplifted”
– Vin Ray, former editor in chief, International, BBC
“It was an eye-opener for many that you can work with a hypothesis in this way”
– Nils Hanson, editor at Uppdrag granskning, Swedish Television
“A must for anyone who wants to make the difference in journalism” – Thomas Van Hemeledonck, chief-editor current affairs Telefacts, VTM Belgium Television
“Mark Hunter is a reference for our network”
– Didier Désormeaux, pedagogy director, France Télévisions
“Luuk is one of the few people I know who can teach storytelling technique broad-based and entertaining” – Hans Scholten, Stichting Democratie en Media
“I am impressed by the Story-based Inquiry Manual” – Rosemary Armao, Center for Investigative Reporting in Bosnia and the Organized Crime and Corruption Project
“[The method] is brilliantly intelligent and useably simple. It has completely revolutionised the way I work” – Brendan Montague, Request Initiative
“I recommend this for all [...] journalists embarking on longer term investigations” – Rosie Waterhouse, Director of the MA in Investigative Journalism, City University London 

New handbook: Power is Everywhere

How to create a succesful watchdog medium? A new free handbook, just released by the The Stakeholder Media Project, based in the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre in Fontainebleau, provides a blueprint for the conception and operation of media that serve stakeholder groups – communities of interest who affect or are affected by organizations like governments and businesses. Power is Everywhere shows how these media, which played a significant role in the U.S. presidential election, differ from mainstream media in their value propositions, content and operations. The authors argue that stakeholder-driven media (SDM) will continue to proliferate, and that they will be an increasingly powerful vehicle for sustainable, fact-based watchdog journalism. Read more (Published on 24/01/17)

Dutch handbook Story-Based Inquiry

Finally there is now also a Story-Based Inquiry Manual in Dutch, aiming at journalism students and professional journalists that want to enhance their efficiency and power. Het verborgen scenario guides you through the important steps of an investigation: from the conception to the structure of the story. Read More (Published on 24/01/17)

Seminar at Frontline Club

If you are in London in the weekend of February 11-12, 2017, you are welcome to join our seminar at the Frontline Club on 13 Norfolk Place. On Saturday we will demonstrate the Story-Based Inquiry method, showing how you can improve your workflow with hypotheses, timelines and source maps. On Sunday, we give feedback and advise on your individual investigations. More information (Published on 20/10/16)

SBI manual published in Japanese

This is the cover of the Japanese version of the Story-Based Inquiry manual, released today. We are deeply honored that our colleagues at Waseda University have chosen SBI as a core method for a new center dedicated to investigative journalism. We hope they succeed, because the environment for watchdogs in Japan has grown deeply worrisome. That's why Waseda is resisting with their center. We hope to help them in more ways than one. (Published on 25/11/16)

Inspiration and fun in Berlin (review)

“Many thanks for the excellent workshop”, wrote one of the attendees of our recent two-day seminar, hosted by Correct!v, in Berlin. “It left me  with many useful and interesting tools. It offered also much inspiration and fun. Hence: a large compliment.” Ten experienced German journalistst attended the seminar, among them staff writers from Correct!v, the outstanding investigative online medium. We were very glad to meet them. (Published on 26/11/16)

Published: Rethinking the BBC

When OpenDemocracy asked us to contribute to their “Rethinking the BBC” project, we didn't expect to see it as a book. Well, here it is, for free download. Our friends at OpenDemocracy say that it “brings together some of the most influential and creative thinkers on media politics and policy in the UK and beyond. It is a vital contribution to the debate on public media at a moment of rapid change.” It certainly gave us some ideas, besides encouraging us to sharpen our own. Download (Published on 28/11/16)