We deliver research, storytelling and management skills that meet the needs of journalists, film makers, activists, educators and corporates.
“Our investigators all spoke highly of what they learned. The insights and storytelling methods shared by Mark and Luuk were invaluable.” – Eoghan Macguire, lead editor at Bellingcat 
“Hunter and Sengers unpack the essential elements of writing like an anatomy lesson” 
– Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist
“Hunter and Sengers unpack the essential elements of writing like an anatomy lesson” 
– Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist
“ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) has been using Story-Based Inquiry for over 10 years. And it was the best thing ever that happened to our Arab reporters.”
— Rawan Damen, Jordanian filmmaker, media consultant and the CEO of Stream Media Consultancy 
“I'm a big fan of [...] Story-Based Inquiry. It's become, practically speaking, the Bible for investigative reporting, and an invaluable resource for editors and reporters alike.”
— Diana Jean Schemo, Executive Editor of 100Reporters
“I started off as a deep sceptic and I am now a profound convert. In one hour you guys changed my life”
– Katherine Eban, best-selling author of Bottle of lies. The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom
“It was both inspirational and deeply practical. It left everyone feeling uplifted”
– Vin Ray, former editor in chief, International, BBC
“It was an eye-opener for many that you can work with a hypothesis in this way”
– Nils Hanson, editor at Uppdrag granskning, Swedish Television
“A must for anyone who wants to make the difference in journalism”
– Thomas Van Hemeledonck, chief-editor current affairs Telefacts, VTM Belgium Television
“I am impressed by the Story-based Inquiry Manual”
– Rosemary Armao, Center for Investigative Reporting in Bosnia and the Organized Crime and Corruption Project
“[The method] is brilliantly intelligent and useably simple. It has completely revolutionised the way I work”
– Brendan Montague, Request Initiative

Who we are

We are thought leaders for investigative methods and independent media management, with decades of experience in the streets and suites of fourty countries on five continents.  We teach, coach, consult, publish and investigate. Tap to read our bios.

What we do for journalists, NGO's and publishers

Instruction, coaching and project management in investigative methods, data journalism, storytelling, interviewing and independent media management. Clients include: Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International, Deutsche Welle, ZDF, The Centre for Investigative Journalism, Université d’Aix-Marseille, Stockholm School of Economics Riga, Thomson Reuters Foundation….

What we do for corporates

Due diligence, interviewing, inquiry, networking, evidence-based presentation, stakeholder communication. Clients include: INSEAD, Rotterdam School of Management, David Leone Partners, Allianz, Syngenta, BP Alternative Energy, Dutch Chamber of Commerce, TenneT…

How we do it

KISS 2.0: Keep it smart and simple.
We bring 25 years of R&D to our work, including award-winning projects, peer-reviewed research and benchmark global manuals, and decades of classroom experience at leading journalism and business schools, teaching Masters, PhDs, MBAs and executives. Our courses are highly interactive and highly honed, and supported by our own award-winning case studies, investigations and manuals.

Books & Manuals

Practitioners and scholars call our manuals and handbooks  “brilliant” and “major contributions.” Tap here for free downloads of our game-changing books Story-Based Inquiry, Power is Everywhere,  Modern Investigative Journalism: A comprehensive curriculum, Handboek voor onderzoeksjournalisten and more.


Finding methods in the madness is a constant process. On top of the books that we have published, new ideas and discoveries keep coming up. That is why we regularly publish a  newsletter with our latest experiences, insights, discoveries and publications (by us and by esteemed colleagues) and the next training opportunities. Tap here to read and subscribe.