We deliver research, storytelling, presentation and management skills that meet the needs of journalists, activists, educators and corporates.
“Hunter and Sengers unpack the essential elements of writing like an anatomy lesson” 
– Mark Schapiro, environmental journalist
“It was both inspirational and deeply practical. It left everyone feeling uplifted”
– Vin Ray, former editor in chief, International, BBC
“It was an eye-opener for many that you can work with a hypothesis in this way”
– Nils Hanson, editor at Uppdrag granskning, Swedish Television
“A must for anyone who wants to make the difference in journalism” – Thomas Van Hemeledonck, chief-editor current affairs Telefacts, VTM Belgium Television
“Mark Hunter is a reference for our network”
– Didier Désormeaux, pedagogy director, France Télévisions
“Luuk is one of the few people I know who can teach storytelling technique broad-based and entertaining” – Hans Scholten, Stichting Democratie en Media
“I am impressed by the Story-based Inquiry Manual” – Rosemary Armao, Center for Investigative Reporting in Bosnia and the Organized Crime and Corruption Project
“[The method] is brilliantly intelligent and useably simple. It has completely revolutionised the way I work” – Brendan Montague, Request Initiative
“I recommend this for all [...] journalists embarking on longer term investigations” – Rosie Waterhouse, Director of the MA in Investigative Journalism, City University London 

New: Teaching Guide for Investigative Journalism

For the first time, investigative journalism professors can begin their work in the field equipped with a full-fledged teaching guide. The Modern Investigative Journalismcurriculum goes beyond what to teach: It helps beginning instructors in the field to see how to teach it, by describing typical questions that students will ask (along with the answers), along with classroom exercises and take-home assignments that instruct through creative discussion and experience.  Hypotheses, timelines, source maps, master files, interview techniques, advanced internet searching and basic data analysis are all included.  

The Benchmark Manual for Investigative Reporting

Translated into every major language group and a half-dozen others, used in journalism centers, NGOs and schools around the world, this handbook redefined the transmission of investigative journalism skills. In eight chapters, designed by Paris graphic artist Anne Barcat, it sets out the fundamental skills and procedures for a successful inquiry.

Training & Lectures

We deliver seminars, lectures, workshops and in-company training. We focus on the Story-Based Inquiry method, writing and presenting, interviewing and data. We have a full semester curriculum available for universities. We work in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Handbooks & Studies

Practitioners and scholars call our manuals and handbooks  “brilliant” and “major contributions.” Our research articles and case studies are published by A journals.

Coaching & Consulting

We help journalists, activists and corporates sharpen their investigative skills, from research to reporting. We collaborate with newsrooms, stakeholder media and NGOs on projects and training. Please enquire.

Investigative Stories

Our stories are published in major newspapers and magazines, and by major NGOs. See our profiles.