We deliver research, storytelling, presentation and management skills that meet the needs of journalists, activists, educators and corporates.
We design and deliver courses and training sessions for students, scholars, journalists, managers and campaigners. We provide workshops, individual coaching and full courses of up to one semester credit.

Investigative storytelling

Story-Based Inquiry is one of the world’s leading investigative storytelling methods. Designed to save time and anguish. If you are unsure of how to undertake long-form projects, or feel the need to make your work more efficient and powerful, our seminars or our personal coaching might help you. Tap to read more


Learn how to ‘interview’ data to find original stories or support your research. Create rankings, detect trends, exceptions, examples and relations and present stunning graphics. We work with the best data journalism trainers in de field. We teach Excel, Access and SQL based DBM’s. Full course description available. Tap to read more


Interviews become interesting when people have to think before they answer. We call this ‘the second story’. In role play you learn how to make people talk concrete, engaged and honest and how to get to the real thoughts, experiences and motives. Based on the expertise of investigative reporters and detectives. Full course description available. Tap to read more

Non-fiction writing

Storytelling techniques for writers. Apply effective plots, lively details and a compelling rhythm to your long-reads. Let the story tell the facts and create unexpected value for your readers. Full course description available. Tap for enquiries

Investigative Journalism Curriculum

We have a full course curriculum for investigative journalism available. We also help students and academics with their theses. Tap for enquiries

Corporate Presentations

We train managers to create impactful, coherent project and strategy presentations. Tap for enquiries